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RE: The call to Boycott Jamaican Products

< a href="">Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays (JFLAG) would actually rather not have you do that</a>. Please read their press release.

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AmazonFail Pt. 2

Theory: It's not Amazon's fault

IDK if I buy:
It's obvious Amazon has some sort of automatic mechanism that marks a book as "adult" after too many people have complained about it

It is? Could he have linked? I'm not seeing it. I may be missing it. If that is true, this situation is not analogous to six apart's reaction to Warriors for Innocence. Both may have involved "trolling" as defined by the linked poster Six Apart still reacted as horrifically as they did. If in Amazon's case it amounts to a tech "glitch" (read: they have a stupid fucking feature that should have been troubleshot) they may be less directly at fault than six apart was...

Edit to add Nevermind, I forgot that someone at Amazon said there was a new policy. Seems like unless Mark Probst lied, Amazon is probably full of shit. and backtracking (you will not get through to PublishersWeekly where they're statement is, it is reposted here.


Amazon Fail

You've probably heard already: Amazon has a new policy on "adult" materials. I consists of hiding many titles that have gay content from search results, as well as removing their sales rank. Everything from Macho Sluts to Heather has two Mommys has been affected. Not books like The Complete Playboy Centerfolds, though. Application among books with QueerCon so far has been inconsistent and confusing. Many books show up, but only in Kindle and/or used editions, even when you search them by title. You have to click the "See all 740 items" link to find the thing you're obviously looking for. The net effect is increased difficulty in purchasing queer title.

Our own markedformetal's Sex and Bacon has been de-ranked and de-listed. Curiously, Indecent still shows up fine.

postmaudlin's Fucking Daphne doesn't show up when you search it either. No rank.

You can sign a petition opposing the insanity here:

Contact Amazon directly:

Jeffrey Bezos, CEO
1200 12th Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98144-2734
United States
Phone: 206-266-1000
Fax: 206-622-2405

(Thx, eumelia)

Don't stop the GoogleBombing.


Apr. 7th, 2009

So tired. Must cook for seder. So much to cook. So tired. Will a James and Ginger make it better or worse? Beer will make it worse. Wanted one last beer before Pesach. Oh wells. You can vote. On what I should drink. Don't want coffee. Maybe Democracy Now podcast will help. So tired.

I'll tell you what I made later. Will try to take pics. Involves K4P gnocchi I invented. Then someone said: but if you cook it in water it's not k4p anymore. What. I know not these things. I mean, she wasn't sure. So unless someone confirms the story, I think I'm fine.

So tired.


My phone has awful reception. As of yesterday I am eligible for an upgrade. There are lots of decent looking phones I can get free, but I kind of really want a pda. But I'm broke. There's one that has not-great reviews that I can have for $30 after rebate.

I can also get this better-reviewed pda(but kinda fug) for $ it worth it?

Should I get the not-great pda or a decent phone and just wait til I can afford a refurbished iPhone?

crazy racist cookies

Greenwich Village Bakery selling "Drunken Negro Face" cookies.

Lafayette French Pastry
26 Greenwich Ave

Don't fucking buy your pastries there.






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